Due to being a hobby musician for many years, I had a weird feeling, when I went to a session without my guitar but with a camera and some lenses. As I mostly shoot manual lenses it’s not easy to bring the always moving musicians into focus, but at the same time you get a lot of very cool portraits because people concentrate on their instrument instead of staring at the camera.



Another nice experience I got, when I was asked to take some pictures of a band during a recording session.
The main problem with shooting musicians: somehow they are always playing in dark rooms. Shooting without a flash, you have to struggle with the problem of getting too high … Read the rest

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Decisions – every day we have to make them, and as a photographer we are even faced with some more. What photos do we publish? Which photos should we delete and when should we at least save them and check them later if they are worthwhile of taking some more space on your hard drive.
With some of the photos we took, we were lucky (“The GOOD”). We had the right camera (or at least one camera) with the right lens, an excellent subject and made the correct settings. However, with most of them something went wrong.

“The GOOD”
it did not need any post processing, may be regarded as a nice subject and create an emotion.


Sometimes it’s just … Read the rest